Servicios de Contabilidad

Accounting and Outsourcing Services

Our services in this area are focused on accounting for our client’s transactions according to the Spanish General Accounting Plan and providing whatever administrative services our clients may require.

Our professionals are highly qualified graduates with experience in the accounting field and they keep themselves up to date by attending internal and external refresher courses. We use the latest specialised software adapted to the National Accounting Plan.

There are three different ways in which these services can be rendered:
  • Our Professionals go to the client’s office.
  • We handle accounting at our premises.
  • Periodic review of the periodic reviews of the accounting records prepared by the client.
The services most commonly offered in this area include:
  • Preparation of accounting records for the company’s transactions based on the documentation and information provided by the company.
  • Preparation of tax returns based on the accounting information.
  • Preparation of balance sheets, accounting reports and other reports as required as often as needed by the company.
  • Preparation of official accounting records that comply with all Spanish legal requirements for submission to the Companies Register.
  • Preparation of the company’s annual accounts.