Servicios de Consultoria


Our professionals analyse, diagnose and create action plans for the situations brought to us by our clients.

The actions plans resulting from these analyses can then be implemented by our professionals at the client’s request. This willingness to implement our own recommendations reinforces the professionalism of the work performed in the analytical phase.

Our work covers areas such as:
  • STRATEGY.- Studies of business models, competitive advantages, adaptation of organisational structure to the business model, analysis of internal value creation processes, key business areas, family protocols, reorganisation plans, etc.
  • FINANCE.- Analysis of financial costs, restructuring of liabilities, cash flow budgets, investment analyses, etc.
  • CONTROL.- Preparation of information for shareholders, directors, credit institutions, specialised press, etc.; cost accounting by product or market; analytical accounting; balanced scorecard for executive bodies; analysis and creation of information circuits, etc.
  • INDUSTRIAL.- Quality certification, job description evaluations, plant layout, production flow analysis and balance of productive capabilities, selection of key personnel according to the business model, etc.
  • RISK CONTROL.- Risk assessment, internal control, compliance.
The most common services rendered in this area include:
  • Advice on the preparation and adoption of a FAMILY PROTOCOLS.
  • Business valuations.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Due diligence.
These services are rendered in coordination with the Economic and Legal services areas.