Quienes Somos

About Us

GRUPO FES emerged from the professional work of Fernando Fernández Sallent and comprises several companies offering a wide array of professional services capable of providing customers with the solutions they need.

Currently, GRUPO FES is composed of more than 50 highly skilled and specialised professionals, whose aim is to offer our customers the highest quality service through personalised attention, creating long-term relationships and collaborating actively in the achievement of their objectives.

Our firm offers customers what we believe will most help them achieve success: experience and knowledge.

What sets us apart

  • Proximity. Personalised, flexible service.
  • Quality. Distinguished, value added services.
  • Professional ethic. Professional secrecy and responsibility.
  • Personal and technical qualification.
  • Innovation.
  • Continuity.
  • Focus on the customer.
  • Sector-specific knowledge.
  • Experience.


The legal area of GRUPO FES, which includes Tax, Legal and Labour Consulting, is part of the international network of law firms, WARWICK LEGAL NETWORK.